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Founding 5th Grade Specials Teacher (Coding/Robotics, Visual Arts)

Start Date:                          July 2017
Location:                             Brooklyn
The Opportunity to Build the School of the Future
For 18 years Achievement First has built and operated great schools that prepare students for success in college and life. We now face a unique moment in time to imagine the schools of the future. With the north star of the Common Core and the availability of new technologies, as well as deeper insights into the science of learning and habits of success, we are redesigning school from the ground up.  In 2015, Achievement First opened two new innovative schools that we are calling Greenfield schools. Our Greenfield schools will deliver four outcomes:
  1. Accelerated Academics: Our students need to be among the best in the world
  2. Habits of Success: Our students will truly thrive when they also develop the habits, mindsets and life skills that promote productive and joyful lives
  3. Excellence in Enrichment: Our students need a taste of the joy that comes from passionately pursuing excellence outside of traditional academics
  4. Student, Family and Staff Motivation: Our students, staff and families will exhibit an unstoppable level of shared commitment and drive
The Greenfield school will set an exceptionally high bar for academics, habits of success and enrichment. Supporting students in achieving excellence is an Awesomely Powerful Community, where students feel a deep sense of belonging that will make them feel supported, challenged and responsible for the success of others.  Staff and families will feel personally invested in the success of the school and will see the critical role they play in students’ achievement. Students will feel ownership over their own learning and agency over their lives, building intrinsic motivation. Students will have individualized learning paths tailored to meet their needs, making learning more efficient and students more motivated. 
Our Greenfield school embodies our best thinking about the school of future. We’re looking for entrepreneurial teachers, leaders and team members who want to help us deliver accelerated outcomes for students and build a school that looks like no other. Our work culminated in the opening of two Greenfield schools in the fall of 2015 (one elementary school starting with K-1 and one middle school starting with grade 5) in New Haven, CT.
Working at Achievement First Greenfield:
Achievement First Greenfield is an ideal workplace for an individual with deep passion for education.  This is a unique opportunity to build a world-class  enrichment program and help our students develop a lifelong love and appreciation for the enrichment.  Ideal candidates will also exemplify the values we want to instill in our students:
  • Know Your Best Self (Self-Awareness & Pride in Heritage)
  • Strive For Your Dreams (Self-Regulation & Goal Orientation)
  • Walk in Others’ Shoes (Empathy & Teamwork)
  • Dare to Question / Dare to Dream (Curiosity & Creativity)
  • Be the Change  (Servant Leadership)
In order to feel successful at Achievement First Greenfield candidates should embrace the following mindsets:
  • Enjoys innovating and thinking creatively about how to best maximize learning for kids
  • Believes that ALL students have the ability to achieve at high levels.
  • Understands our ultimate outcome is for students to own their own learning and lead their paths. 
  • Embraces change, is flexible and adaptive
  • Believes that kids could be learning much faster and deeper than traditional school models allow
  • Hungers for their own continuous learning and desires feedback  
  • Considers our school community (parents, families) to be part of their extended family
  • Enjoys working with data to surface insights and drive outcomes
  • Desires to be surrounded by others who will help them be the best version of themselves
  • Exhibits humility, understands the limits of their own perspective
  • Embodies a “roll-up-my-sleeves” attitude
Responsibilities of This Role Include but Are Not Limited to: 
  • Teach scholars to develop a love and appreciation for the specials content
  • Design and implement a rigorous, standards-based specials program
  • Put students at the center of the learning process by enabling the demonstration of mastery based on high, clear, and commonly shared expectations
  • Work with students to set goals, assess progress, and ensure students receive the coaching and support they need
  • Address the needs of all students through engaging lessons that provide all students with opportunities for success, joy and mastery
  • Create opportunities for scholars to show-off their specials talents both inside and outside of school
Educational Background and Work Experience
  • A bachelor’s degree with a GPA of at least 3.0 from a competitive college or university highly preferred; master’s degree preferred.
  • At least 3 years of teaching experience with a record of high student achievement.
  • NY: If not currently certified, a commitment to obtaining necessary New York certification is required.
Salary for this position is very competitive and commensurate with experience. Additionally, Achievement First offers a comprehensive benefits package. Teachers receive funds for supplies and materials as well as a laptop computer.
Achievement First is an equal opportunity employer and an organization that values diversity. People from all diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. Spanish language proficiency is a plus. You can learn more about diversity at Achievement First here: http://achievementfirst.org/about-us/diversity/

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